Sync: Dropbox vs. WebDAV

It seems synching (using the new sync plugin) doesn’t sync to my Dropbox folder, but directly to my online Dropbox account.

If that is correct, wouldn’t it be preferable to put my Database onto a local WebDAV-server, since syncing to this server would use my LAN (and thus be much faster). If syncing is needed from outside, I could still sync to my WebDAV, because it’s online reachable (by me at least :wink:)

AND: Can I move my sync store from my Dropbox folder to a WebDAV and continue using it from there? Changing the DB-sync-settings in DTPO from Dropbox to WebDAV?

You are correct - syncing is done to the online account.

Just create a new Sync location on your WebDAV server and you should be all set. You can uncheck or delete the DropBox sync location for the database if you’d like.

So my assumption about Dropbox and speed were correct?