Sync DT Group Folder/File structure & Finder Folder/File

I recently used DT to import a folder full of documents using the Import>Files & Folders menu item…There were thousands of items that needed to be imported, so I let it run overnight. Upon checking the import process again n the morning, I noticed an error message that DT generated during the import process (which I hate to admit that in my ‘morning haze’, I quickly dismissed without paying too much attention to it…

I checked the number of files/folders that did manage to be imported (as noted in parenthesis the the right of the Group name in DT - which it lists as 19,277 items), and then used a program called FileExaminer to tell me exactly how many files/folders existed within the Finder’s folder I’d just imported, and its telling me that that there are (20,622 Files and 355 Folders).

Seeing as how there is no way that I will be able to tell manually which files were not imported, II was wondering if there is any way in which I can somehow sync the DT Group File/Folder structure with the Finder’s File/Folder structure, such that only the files that don’t currently exist within DT are imported (thereby created a perfect match between the two??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

Once captured, there’s no logical linkage between the Import-captured database contents and the files and folders in the database.

Of course, you could discard that database and Import those Finder files and folders once more, this time saving the log report of files that were not captured. :slight_smile:

Then you could evaluate the files that had not been copied into the database. They may have been damaged files, copy-protected PDFs, etc.

DEVONthink doesn’t import hidden files and (depending on the preferences) unknown file types and this might explain the difference.

But selecting the folder and choosing File > Synchronize should add missing files (requires that the Preferences > Import > Titles option was set to “Filename with extension” during the initial import).