Sync DTPO database via SugarSync or Dropbox?

Apologies if this question has already been done to death in the forum (although my search proved negative).

Is it possible to keep synched a DTPO database between desktop Mac and MacBook using SugarSync and/or Dropbox? If so, which would seem the better option and why?

I know it would take an age to upload a 2GB database but after that it seems like a really sweet way of keeping me, if not in sync Heaven then at least sync cloud.

I have been using it with a small database and it has worked well.

I don’t THINK that DEVONthink is using extended attributes (these DEFINITELY cause a problem with DropBox right now), and give DTP uses a lock file to indicate when a database is in use, you’re warned about opening the same DB on 2 machines at once (this would also DEFINITELY be an issue with DropBox).

I’m not using my main database yet this way, only a DB that I add stuff to from my laptop when I’m traveling, and it has worked well in about 6 weeks worth of use.

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Many thanks for your response. I will try cutting my main DB in half to keep the groups that change and put that in the Dropbox.

After splitting my DB I’m hoping that the final release of DTPO 2.0 will allow smooth copying of files between databases without having to drag them to the desktop :slight_smile:

DEVONthink Pro/Office 2.0 pb2 offers several ways of copying documents from one database to another.

  1. With the left sidebar showing (toggle on/off using Control-Option-Command-D), drag selected documents onto the name of a different database in the Open list.

  2. Drag selected documents from a view window into the view window of a different open database.

  3. Drag selected documents to any desired location of any open database using the floating Groups panel (Show/Hide using Control-Command-G).

  4. Drag the Inbox or a group into an empty slot in the Sorter. Now you can drag selected documents into the Inbox or group of a different database, whether that database is currently open or not. Next time that database is opened, the content in the Sorter will be sent to it.

I’ve been using SugarSync with DTPO for about six months, with almost no trouble. My database is about 1 gig, and I use it daily on two different machines, laptop and desktop, and it syncs fine. But I’m very careful to make sure that all the metadata files have finished uploading before I put either computer to sleep. Sometimes that can take 10 or 15 minutes, while sugarsync appears to hang, but i assume that’s how long it takes for sugarsync to scan the database file for internal changes.

One time sugarsync added its “from computer X” designation to a metadata file, which made the database load blank. That was a scary moment, of course, but as soon as I manually removed the “from computer X” everything immediately went back to normal.

For extra security I also occasionally “Export Files and Folders,” just in case sugarsync is causing some kind of deep-seated corruption!

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. It works!