Sync error: Buffer Too Small

Find the number of sync errors is always slowly creeping up, even for very small databases (<50MB).
Here is one I cannot seem to thwart…

Operation cancelled.
Could not load a record. Buffer too small.

Verify and repair will not fix, neither does rebuild.
Error does not tell me what file is the problem.
How do I recover so I can resume syncing on this database?


Check this out: How to delete missing files?

I could not find a working solution in that thread you linked BlueFrog.
I am seeing a similar error now in another synced database also:

Right clicking gives no link to an actual file.

The problem here, as above is that it kills my sync process.How can I most quickly get back to a desktop and remote sync working? Last choice is to blast the sync and start from scratch, but I presume I will lose data there (all changes from one end)

Doing a Clean Location has no effect on the Syncing machines. it only cleans out the Sync location’s data. (Another reason a decentralized model is a good idea. :smiley: )

Can you clarify your post for me BlueFrog?
Not quite sure if that was a suggestion, or an observation.

Thanks. The fact that the log reports these as known errors leaves me with hope that there is a way to recover!

If you are Syncing to Dropbox, WebDAV, or a local syncStore, you can do a Clean location in the Sync preferences (under the Action button (with the gear icon)). This will delete the existing Sync data at the chosen location and let you Sync afresh.