Sync Failing

Yeah DTTG is out;- )

I have moved my OnGoing Database to the sync group: close to 4000 files and 8 Gb.

The sync action stop every few hundred files. DTPO itself has even crashed 3 times for about 1500 files sync’ed…


My own testing will confirm that syncing will choke on that big of a transfer if attempted at one time. I’d suggest adding groups to the sync group in stages-add, sync, add more, sync, and repeat.

I can now add to that statement. I am at close to 9000 files. Sync smaller chunk seems definitively much better. I did had an error message from DTTG once with a pop-up asking me to quit. Otherwise most of the crashes happen on the Mac side it appears.


In my case sync seems to work randomly. First it worked, then I made a new text file on my ipad. Syncing then did not work - I would tab the computer icon repeatedly - nothing, cancel - nothing. Had to stop the app. Resetting also did nothing to close the window.

Also, the integration with textexpander is not working either.

Seems these are the basic things that should work, no?

I was really excited for this, but throughly disappointed with the first launch. I’ll wait for the bug fix release.

It might be helpful to cycle your device off and back on to enable TextExpander support.