sync freezing - now virtually unusable

I’ve posted below about ongoing problem with sync being grayed out. What I first thought was an ancillary issue is now so significant that it’s worth calling out on its own

The problem looks like this:

  1. Enter a ton of material on Desktop #1
  2. Open DevonThink on Desktop #2
  3. Hit “sync” (after eventually getting past The Grayed Out Problem as described in this thread: sync disabled - icon grayed out)
  4. Watch as sync works for 30-40 items, and then hits The Freezing Problem and freezes indefinitely.
  5. Eventually give up waiting for it to continue, quit out, and restart DevonThink on Desktop #2.
  6. Watch as sync works for 30-40 items, and then freezes indefinitely
  7. return to step #4 and repeat until done.

So right now my DT has been sitting on this step for 5 minutes:
Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.04.41 PM.png
As soon as I quit it (per step #7), it will work for another 30-40 items and then (per Step #4) freeze again.

Help? After advice and discussion on this board, I converted from one central network location to a Sync approach. And the problems have gone from annoying to almost-unusable.

What does this mean - a Bonjour Sync?

I’m now using Dropbox (through the built-in DT sync store approach) to be the conduit for identical DT databases on 3 different machines to talk to one another. Previously I had only one DT database, which sat on my workplace server, and which I accessed directly (either from my work machine or through a VPN)

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to send logs and start a Support Ticket.

ok, will do - thanks

EDIT: when I do that, DT opens an email with some error information, but no “To:” address. What address should I use?

development -@- devontechnologies -dot- com :smiley:

PS: Are you running 2.9.12?

yep, just confirmed – Version 2.9.12

I will send email now . . .

Which email client do you use? Usually the receiver should be automatically set.