Sync from DT3 Pro to DTTG times out

Since I upgraded to Sonoma today Bonjour synchronisation from DT3 Pro to DTTG (iPhone and iPad) for my biggest database (49.000 documents) times out. It starts fine but after some minutes it stops with this message on the iPhone: “[host name] Verbindung zum Gerät verloren gegangen” (host connection lost). Log window on Mac says “mobile@localhost.local - Connection to server timed out”.
The smaller databases synchronise well.
Versions of DT3 and DTTG are the latest released ones

Did you try syncing by wire?

No, but at the moment I am trying this:

  • delete database on mobile device
  • synch anew via Bonjour
    Synch is running now for about 2 hours but without any problems yet. Will post here when synch is finished or running into problems

Deleting the local database on my iPhone and synchronising from scratch did help. Synchronisation took 2 hours but was successfull. So I don’t think that wire/wireless was the problem. Will test it the same way on my iPad now.

That’s a lot of items to sync, especially over WiFi, so the time doesn’t surprise me in this case.

The time is not the problem but the frequent time-outs from the server machine are. iPad synchro is running now, will post results here

WiFi is not a constant signal, despite what the marketing claims. A hardwired Ethernet connection is a mich more stable and consistent connection to use and sync with.

BTW: How could I sync DTTG on my iPhone and iPad by wire?

Depending on your devices, a suitable cable can likely be found. For example, I have a USB-C to Lightning cable. It actually works for iPhone to Mac or iPhone to newer iPad Pro. :blush: