Sync group folder

This is a stupid question, but is this ‘Sync’ group only used for DTTG? I am starting to use DTO sync feature using both direct connection to another mac and local store, thunderbolt HD…

Does the Sync Group folder need to be populated to do these kinds of syncs?



The “Mobile Sync” group (or in older databases, the “Sync” group) is only used to hold replicants for synchornizing to DEVONthink to Go. It has nothing to do with database sync.

Databases are either all sync’d, or nothing. One cannot selectively sync portions of a database in Preferences > Sync.

Hi Korm,

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Digging deeper into DT, I start to get glimpses of what could / should be possible. Often times the first question popping up is:" Can it be done? Or is it just me not knowing a) What is possible? b) Know how to achieve the previous…"

Lately, I’ve come to wonder about selective sync as well.

  • Might it be conceivable (with help of scripting) to concoct some way of selective sync by e.g. exporting to another DB <-> sync this ‘another DB’ <-> importing from this ‘another DB’?
  • Are there any plans to work on this for future releases?

There are no current plans for a selective Sync. And while what you’re describing is theoretically possible, it certainly would not be very “automatic”.

(PS: korm is a veteran User and friend, but does not work for DEVONtechnologies)