Sync groups a good way of syncing?


I tried moving a top level group inside another group. Syncing this makes the group show up as nested in dttg but it also remains at the top level, because its a sync group. Ugh, I’m not sure if the current way of syncing is going to work well in the long run. Having to separately maintain sync groups if one does a lot of grouping and regrouping is going to be a pain. Maybe the iTunes method, of checkboxes next to each item would work. I’m might not like the additional UI clutter for that but that’d work if it were also hidable and available in an inspector.

I have to agree !!!

We have noted some of the issues you are discussing here during development. I would agree that a more reasonable approach would to offer an ‘iTunes-like’ check box feature for selecting data to be synced, while perhaps more tedious, would be far simpler and not alter the current organization of data in the desktop application. We will discuss this matter further for the upcoming releases.