Sync Hogging Space

Hi everyone,

So my Mac is running out of memory. The offender: Dropbox/Apps/Devonthink/Transactions

What’s happening? How can I stop it? And what can I delete safely?

Many thanks,

You should have excluded the Apps/DEVONthink folder from Dropbox’s Selective Sync Preferences.

Can you walk me through how to make it right? :wink:

That is, I’ve disabled the Devonthink App from Dropbox now. But won’t this affect the sync to Dropbox itself? Or is that done elsewhere? THx!

DEVONthink doesn’t use the Dropbox application at all. (I rarely ever turn Dropbox on.) It uses Dropbox’s mechanisms for file transfers and isn’t affected at all by this change. However, it keeps Dropbox from wasting space and/or spamming you with notifications that files have changed.

And, make sure your DEVONthink database IS NOT in a Dropbox folder or you could damage the database. If it’s in there, move it immediately and re-setup the Sync.