Sync icloud on Big Sur


Since I moved my iMac under Big Sur I noticed a very high process usage (I heard the processor running which I didn’t have under Catalina and the activity monitor shown me an eventsd at 500% of CPU usage…).
After having investigating what app could cause this behavior I found this came from DevonThink.
And more precisely it came from the syncing process.
When I moved my syncing process from DropBox to iCloudkit I put the syncing as “automatic” (with 16 as connection max).
I just changed that with a “15 minutes” syncing gap and then my processor returned to “normal” no more noise, activity monitor low as with Catalina.
Just wondering what would be the best syncing rule to put in place there ?
Is it normal the behavior in “automatic” mode ?

Are you importing databases or opening them for the first time?


Well not the first time I am opening my DB and actually the items mostly pdf are not imported in the DB just indexed with their physical location on my HD

I have about 11GB of databases (5 databases total) syncing via CloudKit, with these settings. I’ve never seen any unusual fan, energy, or CPU usage on macOS 11.2.3.

Is the CPU usage persistent, even after rebooting the machine?

I have rebooted my machine but till I removed the synchronize mode automatic the I had an unusual fan usage.

I’ll try again but I’ll change the conflicts choice as I have Duplicate documents just to see if there is any change

I’ll let you kknow

Hi there

I have put back the sync process in automatic and again I noticed an unusual fan usage

My activity monitor shows me a usage of my CPU at 86% and the process fseventsd show me a around 600% of processor usage

I am going to change again the sync period to remove automatic’s one as it seems that it works better with that

Please hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket. Thanks.

Thanks bluefrog just done :slight_smile: