Sync Icon Grayed Out -- How to Resolve?

That’s pretty much it. Synced fine prior to this happening (which obviously prevents syncing now).
I did the Reset but that didn’t help.

One reason the sync icon can be grayed out is because WiFi isn’t available. This is unlikely to be the case.

The other reason is harder to explain, but you can clear it up by completely quitting DEVONthink To Go. Normally this can be done by clicking the Home button, but if your device supports multitasking, you’ll need to perform the following steps (this is also needed for Reset to work properly, so you may notice that your databases have been removed after performing these steps):

  1. Double-click the Home button so the Multitask Bar appears at the bottom of the screen (and the rest of the screen moves up and fades out a bit)
  2. Tap and hold the DEVONthink To Go icon until the red “-” appears
  3. Tap the “-” and click the Home button.
  4. Start DEVONthink To Go

Double clicking only brings up the phone application. It does not do the behavior you state.

Wifi is available.

I also have the same problem.

I see that you started a new thread for this, so I’ll continue this over there.