Sync iMac - iPad everytime 800 files ?

Even if the question seems very stupid, or very simple, please spend few seconds to reply…

HI, I have circa 800 files I would like to keep on my iPad,

Sync takes quite a bit, but is more than understandable the first time over WI-FI. I did try to go through the sync more than once and everytime it has gone throu all the files, also the ones I already had on my device…

I am sure I am missing something, because it makes no sense, there must be some setting that I have too properly configure to make sure that the files that are the same on both devices are not copied back and forth.

Any suggestions??


I cannot believe that no one has an answer, even to say, it’s easy look at the manual it’explained in this page…

Perhaps no one has had the same problem?

DTTG normally syncs files that changed. So, perhaps something is changing the modification date, labels, or some other characteristic of the files in DEVONthink on your desktop. I do something very similar to what you describe, and only a few files get transferred each session because 99% of them don’t change.

I will make a suggestion, though I’m not sure it relates. My version does not sync all of the files unless I reset the synchronization. Then, of course, it retransfers everything.

I’m guessing this isn’t your problem but you never know…

Tom S.

Thanks for your suggestions, I will try again and again and most likely it will stop copying the same amount all the time. Mayne either I resetted the sync (I don’y think so), or it didn’t go through totally the first time and it has an internal flag that does not recognize the full initial sync.

Will keep you poste, and, btw, htanks for your suggestions.