Sync interrupted now hundreds of duplicates

I was doing a sync between my phone running iOS 7 and my desktop system. Due to issues beyond my control the connection was interrupted. When I restarted the sync I ended up with hundreds of duplicated notes in my desktop system.

I tried deleting the duplicates form the desktop and re-suncing and all that happened is they all got put back on. Several hours of wasted time there.

Any suggestions?

You’re not the first to experience this.

Deleting DEVONthink To Go from the iPhone, whichs of course also deletes the data that DEVONthink To Go holds on the iPhone and reinstalling DEVONthink To Go followed by a complete new sync should do.
Before you reinstall DEVONthink To Go, maybe you should shutdown the iPhone and reboot iOS7. I don’t know, if this step can be of any help on the issue, but I would do it, in fact I did so, when I was in your situation.

Unfortunately I do not know how many items on my phone are not already in the desktop and I really can’t lose that work.

According to the Desktop package I have over 2000 duplicated notes! Just to clear them all out while checking the phone for any missing ones and adding them into the desktop is going to take many hours.

I have sent in a support ticket but no response yet.

It took so bloody long to even get sync working the first time I’m rather upset that it’s screwed up yet again. I do understand how hard it is to develop synch code, I’m writing sync code for my own sheep database system but I am one person. I expect better from a company with a relatively expensive product and more than a single programmer.

Heard from support, they suggested to try to update to the latest DT on the mac and run again after by hand fixing all the duplicates. Unfortunately now I can’t get sync to run at all. I get a failure of Bonjour even when I’ve verified that my mac and phone are on the same wifi network.

Really upset still!

Same here, tons of problems.

Go back to Support to continue the troubleshooting, perhaps? The forum is good for some basic help, but not for specific problems like this.