Sync - interupted RE:insufficient diskspace - How to clear?


I have DTP running on 2 machines, and wanted to sync the INBOX database.
Looking at db-properties it says size is 22 GB.
On my target system I had > 50 GB available.
So I started sync.

Next morning I wake up to find:

  • sync was interrupted due to insufficient disk space
  • my > 50 GB of available disk space have been eaten…

Some checking shows that I have a Sync/Transactions folder that is filled up with some 5 subdirs and taking all this disk space.

What is the ‘clean’ approach to free up my disk space?
Can I simply delete the files that are under Transactions?

How can I verify (up front) what size will be needed BEFORE a sync?
(taking into account indexed files…)
Is my assumption correct that DTP, in case of indexed files and a sync, will sync over these indexed files as well??

Thanks for helping out!

No one?
At the moment I’m stuck and patiently awaiting good advice.
Can’t add anything to inbox database because the sync folder has eaten all available diskspace…

Hello , i don’t know if it is the same issue that i have, but it seems to be common that DevonTHink “eats” MemorySpace in every Syncsession.

You will find in Startdisk/private/var/vm some big files (about 1GB each).
They are added when Devonthink ist syncing.

Delete them and restart the computer.

At your own risk, these are memory swap files.

We definitely need Sync 2, i wonder why Devontechnologies keeps the great DTPO in such a bad state regarding the sync feature.
(Memory Leaks, Sync issues, Need to repair Database, no realtime syncing…)