Sync is stuck, how can I log and debug?

I have been using the new CloudKit sync for a while (don’t remember when it was introduced).

I recently noticed that the automatic sync on my Mac does not work anymore. When I quit DevonThink and restart it, the first sync works. When I add a new document (which usually triggered a sync) nothing happens. One of the three databases I sync is stuck and shows the progress wheel in the sync settings forever. Only a restart helps to get one sync done.

How can I debug the problem? Is it possible to log/show the sync progress to maybe identify the file that causes the issue?

Is there anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

It’s empty. Would you expect sync logs there?

Sync errors would be reported there.

You didn’t mention any other Macs or DEVONthink To Go. How are you assessing whether a sync is happening or not?

I use DT To Go (latest version) on my iPhone and iPad. I noticed missing files there, no apparent sync issues on the mobile devices, checked DT on my Mac and found the ‘stuck’ sync.

I’ll out for sync errors in the log. Is there a way to access the full log history?

~/Library.Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Cloudy/Sync.log

In DEVONthink To Go, tap the ? > Contact Us. There should be a sync log attached you could send to yourself to inspect.

  • Do you happen to be running a VPN?
    • If so, what kind?

Fantastic, I’ll have a look at the sync log.

I don’t use a VPN but I suspect the root of the sync issue is somewhere in the network connection. I will monitor sync and check the sync log.

Thank you so much for the fast response!

You’re very welcome. Let us know if you find something.