Sync issue between Macs

I currently sync between two Mac’s and one iPad Pro using DT3.04. Everything was fine until yesterday when I opened a file and it was missing all it’s folders ( let’s say on Mac#1), after doing a “Verify and Repair” and an “Optimize Database”. The database is about 30 gb and I do this housekeeping about once a month. There were no outward signs of issues with the database prior to the maintenance.

Upon opening the DB, all the folders were missing. I immediately turned off the wifi connection, not wanting the db to sync to Mac#2 or the iPad. I then tried “Verify and Repair” again and it reported 3500 orphan files. After completion of V&R, the orphan files were gone but the folder were still missing.

Because I do twice daily backups with a 7 day rotation, I decided to quit DT3 and go to DOS level, delete the old corrupt DB and replace it with my most recent backup copy. I then restarted DT3 and everything appeared to be working. At which time I re-connected to the wifi.

Later while still using Mac#1 I modified some files and added one new file. To my surprise, the changes and addition are not showing up on Mac#2 or the iPad.

Please advise.

Thank in advance
Larry Dunville

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.