Sync issue between two Macs via iCloud

Hello there,
I have just bought a new Macbook and would like to synchronize my databases from my Mac Mini.
I added a new iCloud location without encryption on the Mini, which I think should be the REMOTE part on the Macbook, right?

Weizhe Li

Has the mini finished synchronising/uploading to iCloud?

Edit: what I’m saying is that the initial synchronisation can take a while (days…?) and as such the databases won’t be immediately available on other devices (afaik you are correct in assuming they will appear in the location indicated in your capture; that is assuming both devices use the same Apple ID).

Edit 2: and whilst I’m sure you know what you’re doing, do you know what you’re doing? :crazy_face: just asking re. the lack of encryption.

Hello Blanc,
Thank you for your kindness. I’ll get my main database encrypted as soon as I find the sample database on my Macbook.