Sync issue on edited pdf documents


This is driving me nuts. I have a pdf document that I edited on a Mac, changes are not syncing to Devonthink to GO. Did delete the file and replicated, fine, file is gone on both platforms.

I then re-added the document on the Mac, it appears on my iPad, it does not contain the modification, is reverted back to the original version of the PDF.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


You should start a Support Ticket by holding the Option key in DEVONthink, then choosing Report Bug.

If you added annotations, did you save as a flattened file?

Otherwise, what kind of editing of the PDF did you do on the Mac?

Thanks Pvonk!

I was updating the PDF with “Preview” on the Mac. It seems it kept the changes for itself. I now use Adobe Acrobat reader.

Thanks for your help!