Sync issue - research

Hi, I seem to have created a problem and before making it worse, I’d like your advise.
I work on a couple of local mac’s (macbook pro + mini’s). In the past I used to sync to box (webdav) but since their recent changes I had to look for another webdav solution. (I’ve set up a webdav share on a virtual linux server to replace Box in the meantime)

I also use DTPO v2 and DTPO v3, databases syncing via the linux webdav share.

Today I have been working on a project, where I created some 7 or 8 groups, and named them like 1. group one, 2. group two etc. Added some documents and also changed group icon colour and such.

Now all of a sudden, I lost 5 from these 8 groups with their content.
No idea what happened at all, but I always start out from (my own) human error.
It’s not the first time that I lost groups while doing drag/drop, then later found them back in some XX group where they had landed.

But search does not yield any result.

I recently fixed my backups (TimeMachine) to backup to a local Synology drive. So I started to look through Time Machine with hope to recover some of my work.

What would be the suggested path to see what can be recovered?
Do I have e.g. a way to restore a previous Database version while renaming it? (to avoid overwriting)

Any other tips or idea’s?

Thanks a lot for helping out!

Hi, I’d like your advise please…
I already did make it worse…
Full detail:

  • One way or the other my Macbook Pro running Mojave became totally unworkable.
    The behaviour it manifested was that each instance that would use the Finder, would show a spinning beach ball, that at times would spin for 10 minutes… So I would be immobilised for those 10 minutes.
    After a while the machine became totally unworkable. (found the solution in the mean time)
  • I tried to work around this issue by using a second user on the same Macbook (that already existed from doing some testing)

Where it went wrong (I think):

  • I did a clean database
    And I think that at that time I had to make another choice (and I probably made the wrong one).

Anyway, result is that my database got decimated, that is, what remained was only a very small shadow from the initial one.

Hence I would like to know what would be the best way to proceed.
I’ve read that renaming a database does not help as DTPO somehow probably looks for a UUID.

So what I was thinking:

  • Can I create a new database
  • disable sync
  • gradually import on multiple machines the items from the remainders I have

What bugs me is on what basis DTPO has been able to decide to completely remove items?
If doing a clean database, does DTPO then write or move items to a place I’m not aware of?

The last thing I’d like to do is try and restore from Time Machine.
But then I would also like to be able to make a comparison between what I still have (and like to copy / move to the new rescue DB, and what’s on the back-up.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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