Sync just one group?

Hi, as far as I understand it, I can choose just a complete database in the sync-options. Is there a way to sync only 1 group or 1 file to Devonthink 2 Go (via iCloud).
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Does this help? DEVONtechnologies | How to Use Shallow Sync

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Thank you for the link. It explains more, but it does not help. I’ve seen the “Alway/On demand” slider but I can’t change it’s value. Neither for the database nor for a specific group.

these are buttons not a slider, next to text “Download files”.

what happens when you try by pressing on one or the other?

Nothing. “Alway” (here in german: “Immer”) is active and this does not change.

Humm. A difference with me i am using English language. try: kill the App and restart try again. if not fix, restart the device and try again.

Few “knobs” to turn on an iOS device but those.

In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations, tap the Edit link, then tap the sync location to edit it’s options.

  • Is Download Files set to Always?
    • If so, you need to set it to On demand to use the shallow sync option.
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As per your article linked !

Under Settings, it looks like this:

but if I want to change it for the database or a group it looks like this, and I can’f choose “Manuell”.

I can’t see what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards, Michael

Edit: I restart the app and the complete iPad too.

You’re welcome.
Follow all the steps here…

Hi Bullfrog, thank you, now it works. I did not recognize that there is one more edit link.

You’re welcome and no worries!