Sync log feedback

I would really appreciate clearer feedback as to the status of sync.

It would be better to not have to navigate out of the folder I am working in in order to go to the Home Screen to tap the help icon to find out the last sync time.

It’d be helpful if long tap on the cloud button showed:

  • as of when my devices /databases were in sync
  • whether sync finished or is working
  • whether sync skipped files
  • whether and why sync was not able to work.

This is particularly important

  • when one is about to leave, and needs to make sure the device being packed is current
  • when the success of sync is in doubt

Currently long tap just shows “No synchronization in progress” or for a brief moment, “Starting synchronization” followed by “No synchronization in progress” which is a bit perplexing, especially since changes have been made/are in progress in DT3 (indexing).



No promises but the suggestion is noted.