Sync not completing round trip

I get the following error message after I have synced a remote computer with dtsyncstore on a remote server:

“6:14:57 PM: Syncing Inbox with inbox1 The file “chunks” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. (The file “chunks” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. (The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory))”

The sync file was created on this computer and successfully synced with the dtsyncstore on a remote server; a remote computer then synced successfully to the remote server; returning to this computer the above message was recorded. This is not a one time occurrence it seems to occur regularly. Any suggestions or future fixes.

I’d like to add a “me too!” to this one.

I see exactly this behavior for all attempts to sync across machines. The sync store lives in a folder on my Mac Pro (the household server). When I attempt to sync between DTProOffice on my laptop and the copy running on the Mac Pro I get the behavior described by the OP, regardless of whether I do the initial sync from the laptop or the Mac Pro.

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What version of the Sync plugin are you using? Note that some of the recent versions required clearing out the data stores before running it.

All of my posts today result from using sync plugin version 1.0pb1. In all cases, I began by creating a brand-new sync store from scratch. This was necessary, because each sync store became unusable as soon as the second machine completed its first sync. All subsequent sync attempts with a given sync store failed as described by the OP, no matter which machine was trying.

That is, I can create a new sync store from one machine without problems. I can sync with that sync store repeatedly from the original machine for as long as I like. When I make a first attempt to sync with that store from a second machine, the sync succeeds (albeit with issues described in my other topic). Thereafter, the sync store appears to be corrupted, and all subsequent attempts to sync with it fail.

DT Pro Office 2.4.2, on a Macbook Pro mid-2010 running Mac OS 10.8.2 with all the latest updates (as of yesterday), and a Mac Pro early 2008 running the same software.

To date, the only version of the sync plug-in available to the general user-base is the sync plugin version 1.0pb1 released back in June.

Sorry but I don’t have access to any records of who’s in on the beta.

Nor do I, but most members of the beta group do not discuss the private beta in the public forum because of the NDA.