Sync not matching

I have an issue where my DTPO does not sync from macOS.The original problem occurred because there seemed to be an issue with iCloud on Mojave so I signed out and in again of iCloud.

I have three devices Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

The iPhone and iPad sync well. However DTPO does not appear to sync remotely. I have tried uninstalling, removing iCloud sync and adding it again.I have tried cleaning the databases.

I have noticed that my databases only appear as local and not remote.It says they are synchronised but they are not synchronised with the iPhone and iPad.

This is actually correct and according to the screenshot they should be synchronized. Is a verification of the sync store successful?

I have verified all the databases successful.I am not sure how to verify the sync store.

I have checked the encryption is correct and I am logged in under the same iCloud account on all three devices.

E.g. via the contextual menu of the sync store in Preferences > Sync.

I have verified the iCloud (quickly and thoroughly). All ok.

I was thinking of deleting the sync store totally and trying to start again from the databases on my Mac, then reinstalling on my iPad and iPhone…However I can’t seem to locate the sync store in iCloud ?

The sync store is not accessible to casual access. Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.