Sync not working .... aaagggghhhh!

Since upgrading to IoS6 DDTG synchronisation appears not to work; I am using Lion (10.7.5) and IoS6 on a new iPad.

I have deleted DTTG from my iPad. Reinstalled it again … but the iPad cannot see the Mac.

This is essential to my business. Help!

dito …

This may not be relevant, but I was having a similar problem when I first downloaded DTTG for my iPad.

The issue (to my embarrassment) turned out to be that I was opening DTP on my Mac using an old alias in the dock that was connected to an older version in my Applications folder.

Here’s the dumb sequence of events: I had downloaded a new version of DTP in conjunction with getting DTTG, and had set up Mobile Sync. But the next time I opened the program, I used the dock icon and got the old version. Naturally, because the old version wasn’t designed to sync, the iPad app couldn’t “see” my computer. Consternation ensues.

Stupid on my part, but there you go. Everything’s working fine now.


:blush: Just noticed that all three posters were talking about problems after upgrading to iOS6. So my long post is almost certainly irrelevant. Sorry for the confusion.

It’s all good, Harold - and it’s relevant in that it may give someone else an option to consider in their troubleshooting efforts.

Very gracious, Jim. Thanks for helping me save face. :slight_smile:

It’s no problem. That’s one of the things I hate about the dock - there’s no obvious connection to the app and many people don’t even realize it’s a shortcut. (I don’t know how many people I’ve had freaking out that they deleted their application because they pulled it out of the dock. Or demanding that they have uninstalled the application when all they did was remove the dock icon!) lol

Your post could easily point something out to someone that may have done the same thing. (And sometimes it’s more believable when it’s coming from a fellow User instead of a company’s support person.) Cheers! 8^)

I have had various syncing issues with DEVONthink To Go (iMac 2011 with Mountain Lion 10.8.2, iPad 2 with iOS 6). Even after trying various suggestions from the forum the app continued to cause me so many problems I finally deleted it from my iPad. This situation puzzles me, because DEVONthink Pro Office is such an outstanding product. I also find this situation disheartening, because like so many others, my workflows are becoming more mobile-centric, and right now, DEVONtechnologies is becoming a lesser and lesser part of these workflows. Fortunately for us customers, there is now a steady flow of a new breed of apps available about which we truly can say, “It Just Works!”

same problem here. any news on this?

same problem here, sync not working. Keep getting, “connection lost”.

Likewise. I can get items from my global inbox on iPad to sync, but I cannot get one of my databases to synch [a very small database at that!].