sync not working

Sync with Dropbox works perfectly now, thank you.

Sync between computers works much, much more bette than before, too.
But there is now one problem:

One 40 Gb database, identical on both computers, let me not sync.

I copied it manually from computer A to computer B.
When i try to sync, there are already “5 files waiting for upload cannot be synced” or something like this.
But it is not possible to know the names, the Journal should be more explicit.

And the computer B runs out of Memory.

Any idea?

Are you able to successfully verify the database(s)? Are any indexed files located on unmounted volumes? Or does a smart group with the condition “Instance is Pending” report any files?

Hi, thank you, i was able to verify and repair without problem.

Finally, i copied once again from B to A, and i played with sudo chmod and sudo chown, now it works

Two questions and 1 request remain:

-If there are files who cannot be uploaded, why DTPO doesnt’ name them in the Journal?

Request (since 3 years :wink:)
Please, let activity Monitor always visible while it is working, even if DTPO has lost the focus and gets it back

Who should be normally the owner of the files in the database? What should be the mod?

Thank you

Usually this issue is temporary and caused by indexed files on unmounted volumes. And therefore there could be lots of such files bloating the log.

DEVONthink doesn’t change/set the permissions on its own, therefore the default permissions are applied to documents created by DEVONthink whereas imported documents retain their permissions. Meaning you are the owner and should have read/write access.

Thank you very much