Sync notes created with DTTG

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something quite basic here so please do excuse what promises to be a silly question. Thing is, having recently bought DTTG I’m having no luck syncing my DTTG-created notes with DT Personal 2.0.7. The files I have created in DT Personal sync just fine, and they are available in DTTG, but not vice-versa. How do I get notes created on the iPhone to sync to the MacBook?

Oh, and I should note that I’ve read through the “cannot sync” threads on the forum. Doesn’t seem to match my “issue”, hence the new thread. Cheers.

I had a prob once finding notes created within DTTG shift were placée in the Global Inbox and that I wouldn’t see in the DT Inbox.
Reason was that they appear in DT NOT in the Inbox but as well in the Global Inbox. Found that out by ,aging around and accidentally clicking on the DT Inbox icon in icon view.

@anho: Have you checked the root level of your database? Or done a search to locate them on the Mac?

Yes, but this might all be due to my lack of experience using the app. I’ve since manage to get newly created messages to sync. I’ve mucked around a little bit at it appears that notes created from the Recent Items screen won’t get synced. What I did was manually copy their contents into a new note created from either the home screen or My Documents. And that worked nicely—everything now syncs.

I can’t explain why this would be the case (i.e., why notes created from Recent Item wouldn’t be included in the sync) but then again, I might be missing something?

OK, I see. If you can reproduce the effect reliably can you write me step-by-step instructions on how to trigger the issue? I will also try here.

Hi Eric,

To reproduce:
— Open DevonThink ToGo
— Click Recent Items
— Click the “+” in the lower right-hand corner
— Create text note and save
— Return to home screen
— Sync

The above process will not synch your newly created note.

I just tried with the latest internal beta. Seems I have fixed this problem with a bunch of other fixes.