Sync occasionally reuploads entire DB contents to cloud?

Congratulations on releasing the new version of DTG.

I have been using a WebDAV sync location to sync a database between my Mac and DTG on an iPad. It mostly works very well, but every so often the iPad decides to re-upload the entire contents of the DB to the sync store.

As my database is 4GB and has 6k items this is somewhat un-nerving.

Is this normal behaviour? If so, what triggers this full upload?


Argh, now it’s downloading 6k items form the store. (That it’s just uploaded).

I have the same issue. I only have less than 300 items but routinely have uploads of 1200 or so items on both iOS devices. I put a support ticket in so they are aware of it.

Okay, so I am not alone here…

I had the same issue last week two times. Resyncing my whole database with nearly 3 GB was a pain, especially as it started over as I was not connected to a Wifi network… :open_mouth:

After it happened the second time I checked my storage in the cloud. Normally the 3 databases should be about 3 GB or so. But it was over 4 GB. I checked and I think I found duplicates of my biggest database in there. So I deleted the sync store in the cloud and resynced it from one of my macs.

The last days I checked the cloud storage size and until now it seems okay knocking in wood

Maybe the were some uploading errors earlier (with DTTG 2.0) which caused the behaviour? In the release notes of DTTG 2.01 under improved you can read:

Reliability of uploads to an downloads from sync stores in case of interruptions e.g. on unreliable networks.

I hope it stays this way…

Yes, we’re working on things and…

This is a bigger problem than you might imagine, even in your home.

Any idea what caused the immense rise of used space in my cloud sync store?

Is it possible, that messed up syncs do this?

At the moment I have three stores online

The first hast 2.5 GB on my local machines and uses 2.2 GB on my cloud sync store (why does the online database has lower space used than the local one, by the way?)

The second has 6.3 MB on my local machines and uses 9 MB online

The third has 27 MB on my local machines and uses 35 MB online.

Both smaller databases use more space in the cloud, than on a local machine. When I look inside the package files in the cloud sync stores I see a multitude of folders under “receipts” going back to the date of my first sync. Are those folders cleaned up from time to time, and if yes, under which conditions? Or are they starting to fill my cloud space?