Sync of DTPro database over cloud storage


So i have a database syncing over bonjour but i want to have it sync over dropbox. The problem is it is on two different users computers and thus the dropbox accounts are different. However, it is the same dropbox account (shared office accounts). So in theory, the two should be able to access the same files, however, DTPro pulls dropbox credentials from the system login. Thus, ideally you could login in DTPro to the same dropbox account, but that does not work since it is pulling the dropbox credentials from the system login. So…

The current workaround is to use another sync service that is not baked into the system, but we don’t have enough space on box or some other service to sync the size of database.

any thoughts?

DEVONthink doesn’t use Dropbox authentication in Keychain Access. It uses it’s own entry but also talks to Dropbox servers. If you remove DEVONthink Sync from the Dropbox > Security > Apps Linked, you will have to re-authorize and the entry will update.

So, if you only have the common account authenticated for Sync, there should be no issue logging into and using the other account. You just can’t have both accounts authenticated for Syncing (nd Dropbox doesn’t allow for this).

will give it a shot. thanks in advance.