Sync of group structure lost

I have an odd case. I have a group within a group that contains several notes. The group is synced to my iPhone. I can see in the sync that the group is listed but when I look on my phone the group does not exist.

However if I search for specific notes that are contained in that group I can find the notes on the phone and the description seems to show the path including the group.

How do I get the structure correct on the iPhone? It shows up properly on my Mac version.

Tried several things but the only fix was to uninstalla dn reinstall DTTG on the phone. Then deal with the restore of everything. Painful but doable. I can’t wait for a new sync for DTTG, the current method is a total PITA to use. I hate trying to get sync groups set up. I want to either sync or not entire databases, and it;'s easy to split them so no problems there.

I am very sorry that you experience such issues with DEVONthink To Go v1. We are heavily working on our sync technology for both Mac and iOS.

Have you got the latest version of Devonthink installed on the Mac? There was a bug which screwed the folder structure on the iPad/iPhone but an update fixed that.

Yes, I’m fully updated on both Mac and iOS devices.