Sync on new iPhone only working for one database, not the inbox

I got an iPhone 13 mini and have problems setting up the sync between DT on my Macbook Pro and DTTG on my new phone (“invalid encryption key”, although I have checked the key in the Keychain as advised on this forum). After a lot of hassle, I manually moved all the unsynced files from DTTG to DT, deleted and reinstalled the DTTG app to start over again. I followed the advice to “clean location” for the iCloud (Cloudkit) location and set up iCloud (CloudKit) on the iPhone using the same encryption key. Now the database is syncing, but the inbox is still not syncing, claiming that the encryption key is invalid. It cannot be correct for one and invalid for the other. What should I do? Please help!

Now, without changing anything, the sync suddenly works also for the inbox. Great, but frustrating to have spent so much time on the issue…

Frankly, not surprising, based on the many reports here, about unreliability of Apple’s iCloud services. Unpredictable. And therefore frustrating to many.

FYI, rarely does re-installation of an app do much good.

You may have better reliability and and performance with Bonjour working when both devices on the same local network. You can run both Bonjour and Apple’s and see who wins!

I don’t any more use third party internet-based sync services as I don’t need it. Certainly would not use iCloud–which barely works for syncing my Safari bookmarks! Any thing I do with my DEVONthink ToGo devices while “on the go” sync up fine when I return to Global HQ.

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Thanks for tips! Can I run Bonjour and iCloud (Cloudkit) simultaneously? That sounds like a recipe for conflicts, but could be useful if it works.

Yes. If it were not possible, I would hazard a guess that the sync dialog boxes would prevent it. :wink:

I run sync via Bonjour and my local NAS using WebDav. That way when the iMac (which is the one machine that “accepts incoming” Bonjour requests is sleeping, I can still get a sync to my iPhone while watching something silly on the television.

That being said … I’d recommend you simply turn off Apple Cloud unless you absolutely need it. Why be frustrated?

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I’m struggling with cloud kit too. Is Dropbox a better option?

Yea (based on reports here and my experience), as is Bonjour which is considered the most reliable and quickest.

I just moved over to Dropbox. Now all my devices are syncing fine.