Sync only specially marked Items from MAC to IPAD


I am using a mac and and iPAD with DEVONthink.
I would like to have a big DEVONthink Database on my MAC and only sync documents from the mac to the iPAD based on a special tag e.g. “syncIPAD”. Some documents would permanently have this tag, others only temporarily as needed.

I could not figure out how to set this kind of sync mechanism up. Your ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

You can’t. You cannot Sync part of a database in DEVONthink To Go 2. You have two options for Syncing an entire database: Contents and metadata or Metadata only.

Metadata only (which we call a “shallow Sync”) is only available with an in-app purchase of the Pro Pack (see DEVONthink To Go 2’s Settings > Manage). You set can Download Files to Always (a full Sync) or On demand (a shallow Sync) for a Sync location, an entire database, or individual groups in a database.

Alternately, some people have chosen to create smaller databases, just for Syncing.

Thank you very much for your fast reply, I am impressed on the quick follow up! Really appreciate this!

Okay, I understand I need two databases for the sync.
I would really like to avoid moving the data back and forth between different databases. It also would gives me headaches about files I would like to have on my iPad AND my iPhone.

Would working with replicants be a way to solve my problem with the given circumstances?
(a) Central Database
(b) Database for IPAD
© Database for IPHONE
–> Replicate from a to B and/or C

It seems promising, but I am wondering if there are limitations/back-draws I am not aware of?

Sorry but no, you can’t create cross-database replicants.

Is your reason for wanting to do this because you don’t want to download the entire database during a sync, or you don’t want all the metadata on your iOS devices? I ask because it is possible to sync a tag so that all the documents with that tag auto-download on sync, but as Jim mentioned all the metadata in the database comes along with the sync.

If you just don’t want the clutter of navigation through all the metadata, you can have the tags appear in the iOS Favorites smart group so that you don’t have to actually browse the database directly. Set up one tag for the iPad, another for the iPhone, and you are all set. As documents can have multiple tags, the same document can be downloaded automatically to both your iPad and iPhone.

There is a step involved to nest the tag to accomplish this, so let me know if you want me to explain how this is done.

Greg- it would be great if you could go into more detail here.