Sync options –?

Is there any chance of seeing a more up to date sync option in DEVONthink? I’ve used Box and Dropbox and am currently using iCloud, and they all work, but not very smoothly. Syncing is almost always very slow, with the iOS apps you have to start it manually, and you (I, in any case) often end up with extra copies of the same files. It would be nice if syncing happened in a quick and more automatic way, so to speak, like it does in many other apps.

  • You don’t have to sync manually. Set it to Automatic and let it do its thing.

  • We have no control over the speed of any remote service. Poor network quality, the responsiveness / reachability of the servers, and bandwidth throttling measured used by the services all affect sync speed.

  • If you end up with extra copies, you have your Conflicts settings set to Duplicate documents. Change it to Use Latest document instead.

You can’t really compare our sync with other apps as they are not technologically doing the same thing.

Thanks for your reply!

And for pointing out the Conflicts option, which I had missed.

I already have sync set to Automatic, but my impression is that it often needs to be triggered still. Perhaps it’s just slow.

I understand that you have no control over external factors that influence syncing speed.

You can manually trigger it if you’d like to. That’s what it’s there for. But in the normal course of working, it just happens quielty in the background.