Sync problem (Buffer Too Small)

I have a Sync problem.

Currently the sync fails with log message: “File name” (Buffer Too Small).

The File name can be different each time I try to sync - but it is always one of the “new” additions to the database - i.e is one of the files needing to be synced.

Other databases sync to the same location (a WebDAV syncstore) with no problem. Both Macs have plenty of memory, both on DEVONthink 2.8.2

I have done verify & repair, no errors, but it does not help. However the verify & repair sequence indicator seems to go along to halfway and then the activity window vanishes - but no errors show in the log window so I assume it has completed ok.

I should add - this is a 12GB database, so I cannot simply “clean the location” and start again as it would be a major data transfer problem with my puny 3MB connection speed…

Any ideas?

  1. I would make a SmartGroup of zero length files… Size IS 0 and Kind is Any Document.

  2. If it still is misbehaving, please start a Support Ticket.

Thanks Jim - I have not opened a support ticket as I assume this is now a recognised Sync issue being worked on already from your reply in the “Error while syncing” post.

I don’t want to unnecessarily add a ticket if you guys are already handling this. But if I should then let me know.