Sync problem iPad / DT Pro Office 2

Hi all

Since the last update I have a sync problem. It goes as follows:

What I did
Created a text file on my iPad and sync it. Then I synced my Macbook and got the file on my Macbook. I modified that text file on my Macbook and synced again.

What happened
All modifications of that text file disappeared from the text file on my Macbook.
(Remark: the icon of the affected text file on my Macbook is slightly lighter than the icons of the other text files in that group that sync correctly.)

What I expected
The text file should keep the modifications and sync correctly to all devices.

This is kind of concerning to me as up to now DT syncing was rock solid.


Do you still use version 2.11.3 of DEVONthink on the Mac? Then it’s probably identical to File still pending, we’re still investigating this issue. By the way, it’s working as expected in version 3.

Hi Christian

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I use version 2.11.3. Version 3 is still in beta and I have very important files in my DT database that I don’t want to put at risk with a beta version.

In the other direction it works: If I create a file in DT2 on the Mac it would all sync fine. Only if I created the file in DTTG I run into the problem.

It would be nice if you could update this ticket once you found the mistake.

Thank you and have great day,

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I’ve got the exact same situation. Sync problems with DTTG and DTPO while waiting for the final release of DT3 as I am reluctant to trust my database to a beta product.

DTTG seems out of sync with DTPO on one specific device

According to @BLUEFROG DT3b6 is production stable, which made me wonder why DT3b6 wasn’t marked a release candidate and subsequently released as DT3 instead of another round of beta testing with DT3b7? But then again, I’m not on the dev team and don’t have to take the responsibility if the release ends up with a major bug.

DTTG seems out of sync with DTPO on one specific device

In the meantime I’ve quit syncing as a precautionary step.

edit: added extra link to my post referencing DT3b6

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There were a few things that we had to add but that were not obvious or visible, e.g., notarization. However, DEVONthink 3 is now officially released.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I understand. Deciding when you’re done can be difficult. Although notarization is certainly something you would not want to leave out, if I understand Apple’s strict policy correctly.

Anyway, I had DT3 up and running on the release day. I did not encounter any problems upon testing, and synchronization with DTTG indeed seems to be working as expecting again.

I might be one of the first to have read the release blog, as it set off a blue zone :slight_smile:

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Right, you did the IFTTT thing. I must play a but more with IFTTT and my Hue lights too :slightly_smiling_face:

That is good news!

I still think you should make DT2 work. Some ppl might not want to upgrade. What do you think?

All editions of DEVONthink 2 will work nicely also on macOS Catalina except for the OCR functionality. We have no plans (and no way to) update it to work on Catalina, we’re afraid, as the OCR is a third-party module where licensing is involved. See also my blog post:

I was talking about the sync problem…

Oops, sure :slightly_smiling_face: The OCR question was just so common I misinterpreted the thread.

In this case: Yes, we have fixed this problem from DEVONthink To Go’s side already. The update is waiting for App Store review at Apple already for a few days.

Sync works for DT2 again, very nice!

I updated to DT3 anyway. Most useful third party software I know of and a great pleasure to use!
Thank you for creating it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: