Sync problem ... "No downloadable contents for X items found."


i have a problem with a WebDAV sync store. The log entry (in the Cloudy directory) shows “No downloadable contents for X items found.”.

For example, my indexed files are no longer moved and so on. However, the database will obviously be changed, so with the next sync attempt errors appear and the database must be repaired. But this does not work because the files can’t be downloaded (manually).

Sync does not work anymore with indexed items.

Is there a way to reset this status or do i have to create the sync store from scratch?

BTW: It would be better, if DT won’t sync the database if there is such an issue.


Have you done a File > Verify & Repair on the database?

You’re indexing from OneDrive, aren’t you?

Yes, but it isn’t possible to repair…

No. I’m indexing from internal SSD.

The way I see it is that DT “syncs” the database but then doesn’t load or move the files because other content that was previously synced isn’t available and blocks the new correct sync.

Are you synchronizing the contents of indexed items, as set in the Show Info popup of the sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync?

Yes. These settings i never changed.

Maybe one information is important… In the log there are always 8 items, that couldn’t be downloaded:

No downloadable contents for 8 items found.

Maybe this answer irritates. More specifically: I can fix the errors by hand by simply copying the missing files into the indexed directories in the Finder. Nevertheless, the database can not be synchronized even “Verify & Repair” doesn’t show any errors. But that only affects the WebDAV Sync Store. Via Bonjour syncing is possible.

If I understood correctly, you do not control the WebDAV server, but it’s Cloudy that is responsible for it?
The 8 files you mentioned: Are they always the same? Anything special like size or extended attributes?

A toolbar search for item:pending should return these items.

These files are not shown anywhere, but …

that search reveals them and for each file this ist shown:

I can now get these files from backup and re-assign them…


Were these indexed or imported items?

Indexed items.

The affected files are from October 2021 and earlier. I hadn’t any sync issue until last week. Maybe with the last update to DT 3.8.2 the sync engine stops syncing if pending downloads are in the “cache”…

Hope that helps…

I continue to have repetitive sync problems with databases with indexed data (see above). I would like to be sure to reset the entire sync. Which files should I delete in the Cloudy Folder to perform a complete reset (maybe after first remove the sync locations in DEVONthink Sync settings)?


Which files should I delete in the Cloudy Folder to perform a complete reset (maybe after first remove the sync locations in DEVONthink Sync settings)?

You shouldn’t be manually remove anything.

Are you using a CloudKit or Legacy sync?

I’m syncing using WebDAV.

Do you have a support ticket open?

Not yet. I will first delete the entire sync store and reconfigure it on all clients to rule out an error in the sync store. If the error still occurs, I will open a support ticket… Thanks!

Thanks for the efforts and investigation.
Fingers crossed but ready for a ticket, if needed. :slight_smile:

Sync is fine again after deleting and re-creating the sync store… Thanks for your support!

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Excellent and you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Did you use the same sync store name or a new one?