sync problem?

After syncing DTTG with DTP on my Mac, I had the “Getting Started” HTML document in my Global Inbox (on my Mac DTP).

Then, on DTP on my Mac, I moved that document to a database, then replicated it to that database’s Sync folder. Then I tried to sync it with DTTG, but it obstinately stays in the “Global Inbox” in DTTG. What am I doing wrong?

This seems to be a bug. We will try to reproduce it.

same problem here!

Similar problem when I first installed DTTG. My Global InBox on MAC had over 100 items. First sync failed part way through the process. Some items synced. I then moved everything out of MAC Global InBox… so it was empty. Tried to resync but still had problems with DTTG Global InBox sort of “stuck” with the items previously synced. So I

  1. deleted DTTG from my iPhone
  2. deleted “Inbox.dtBase2” in MAC Library (Application Support)
  3. reopened DT on Mac … new InBox created
  4. Reinstalled DTTG and did a Sync
    Now syncing works PERFECT so far. I can add items to DTTG Inbox; Sync; Move from Global InBox on MAC resync etc etc

No more issues! :smiley: … Jim

I just tried to reproduce the problem here. To no avail. Please check with the next release.