Sync Problem

Hope that you can help. I have two computers, a laptop and desktop syncing the same database over dropbox. I use the laptop 80% of the time. The sync had been working fine but I recently went to the desktop and noticed that none of the recent data that had been entered on the laptop was there. I looked at the preferences and found that the database had not been syncing for 6 weeks with no error message. If I click “Sync now” it will not do anything and I get nothing in the activity window. I have tried rebuilding the database and using the clean location command (not sure what that does) but no luck. The laptop states that it’s sync process is current but I have no real way to confirm this. The question is how do I fix this since each computer has hundreds of documents added over the past 6 weeks that do not exist on the other computer. The database is current in the documents folder of both computers I believe. Should I just delete the dropbox copy and start the process again? I don’t want to lose any data, obviously. Almost seems like I need to somehow merge two databases without adding duplicates. I think the problem coincided with the installation of 2.7. Both computers are currently running 2.7.2


Window > Log should show the error but please start a Support Ticket.