Sync progress indicator

I posted this in the general section a few days ago and there were no replies, so I assume that there isn’t a hidden setting to turn the old sync progress indicator back on. So, please consider this a feature request…

[i]There used to be a popup box which showed progress on synching files between Macs. This was really useful as it gave helpful information – not least of which was that it showed which database was being transferred so that if there was a problem, I knew where to look.

At some point this helpful indicator stopped appearing (at least a couple of updates ago, perhaps more): now the only indication I have that sync is happening is that the date stamp will change in the preferences panel. If there’s a problem, I can’t tell which database is causing the problem (sometimes log will show this, but often nothing happens for a long time with absolutely no indication at all).

Is there a hidden setting which turns it back on? Or, if it has been removed, please could it be put back again…[/i]

The progress indicator appears over here (DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7.6 on 10.9.3 on MBA 2012 13"). AFAIK, there’s no hidden pref to turn this off or on. Sometimes the indicator popover falls behind other windows. If you’re using Space its possible the indicator could have been dragged to another Space perhaps? If you reboot your machine and open only DEVONthink (i.e., no other windows) does the progress bar appear or not? The progress bar will also flash on and off quickly if there is a connectivity problem with the remote database/store. Check the log?

Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether I reboot, delete all spaces, use ‘show all windows’ or ‘bring to the front’ (all of which I’ve just tried again, to make sure I’m not doing something stupid…), I still don’t see the progress indicator, irrespective of whether the sync is successful or not.

But I have noticed that the Activity Panel doesn’t seem to be working either – e.g. I start a Verify and Repair, and there’s no progress indicator for that either. I presume this is the same problem.

Now I know it’s not been removed on purpose, I’ll investigate further (completely reinstall DTPO and see what happens…)

Thanks for your help.

Complete reinstall doesn’t help either. Bizarre…

Move the preferences .plist to the desktop and reboot (Mavericks caches preferences so merely moving doesn’t clear them). Forcing DEVONthink to create a new pref file might jiggle a fix.

Ah, that seems to have done the trick. I had to copy then delete all the preference and cache files, delete the program and the trash, then reboot and reinstall, but at last it’s working. I didn’t know about the cached preferences in Mavericks.

It’s been annoying me for months until I finally got round to asking about it, so thanks very much for your help!