Sync Question for configuring a new iPhone

I’m using DEVONthink 3 with a WebDAV sync that’s shared between a phone and iPad.

I received a new iPhone 11 Pro Max for Christmas and restored it successfully from my iPhone X backup. My DEVONthink to Go databases were restored on to the new iPhone but my WebDAV sync settings didn’t come over. No worries, I put all of them in manually. Under Settings > Locations > WebDAV > DatabaseName I can see all my databases, but each (except the Global Inbox) are listed on the right as “Local.” If I slide over one of the toggles to sync it, I get the message “This database has not been downloaded completely to this device. Uploading it to a new sync location will cause problems because some items will be missing.”

I presume the way to address this is to wipe out my local DT2G databases and just pull them down from the WebDAV sync location, but thought I should check here first.

Appreciate any insights and thanks, as always, for a stellar product.

– Robert.

Yes, deleting, reinstalling, and reimporting from the sync location is definitely one avenue (and one I personally like taking, since I’m a baseline start kind of guy :slight_smile: ).

You are getting that warning since you are using a shallow sync - Download Files: On demand, i.e., you don’t have all the contents of the files resident in DEVONthink To Go. Since you must have contents in the sync location DEVONthink To Go is warning you about this.

If this was a brand new sync location you were going to use with this device, then you’d have a problem.

However, since you are syncing to the same location that has the contents, you should be able to proceed… or do the delete, reinstall, and reimport.

Thanks, Jim, as always for your quick, complete and friendly support.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: