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I’m test-driving DTOP after having bought DTTG along with the “Pro” option for on-demand file downloads to the iOS device.

I’m a little bit confused: does the “on-demand” download work with Bonjour syncing, too? I enabled Bonjour in DTOP, the server was detected in DTTG, but when I added the sync location in DTTG the entire database started downloading onto the iPhone. I was hoping to have only the meta data and download stuff as necessary.

Is this possible via Bonjour or is this for Dropbox/iCloud sync locations only?


Yes, it’s possible with Bonjour but you need to…

  1. Purchase the Pro Pack under DTTG2’s Settings > Manage.
  2. Set the Sync location to Download Files: On demand. You can Edit the Sync location post-creation in the Sync locations list of DTTG2.

Note: Bonjour only works on local networks (and if allowed on public networks. You will be unable to download content unless this connection can be established.

Thank you. I still find the concept of “sync stores” a bit confusing.

  1. What happens if I set up two sync stores, one using Dropbox and another one using Bonjour, for the same database?

  2. Is it possible to exclude groups from a sync store or should they be in another, non-synced, database?


  1. What would be your goal in doing this? If you plan to sync Database A via Bonjour and Database B via Dropbox, that’d be no problem. If you wanted to sync Database A via both Dropbox and Bonjour, you’re asking for trouble.

  2. No. You’d have to keep things you do not want synced in a non-synced database.
    Keep in mind, the Pro in-app purchase on DTTG allows you to specify which files are downloaded to the iOS device and which ones are only downloaded on demand. So fi the issue is, for example, storage on an iOS device, this addresses that. It does NOT, however, address issues of storage limits on your sync service of choice.

  1. The (imagined) goal of doing this would be to sync faster when I’m on my home WiFi network. But I agree that this might be asking for trouble.

  2. OK, got that. But I read something (don’t remember where) about hierarchical sync priorities between store, database and groups.

Thanks for your feedback.

Re: 1) Yeah, I think the headache will exceed the benefits of any potential speed improvements. Also, after the initial big sync, unless you’re producing new content with a very large file size, any given subsequent sync should only be a small amount of data (usually for me it’s a few text files or PDFs, so maxing out at maybe 10-20mbs at the largest). Unless your connection is very poor, or unless you’re making MASSIVE files on a regular basis, the speed benefit of Bonjour will likely not be huge.

Re: 2) No such hierarchy exists, at least not in a way that users are aware of or can control.

OK, thanks a lot again for your help.

Actually, Syncing to multiple locations is supported and shouldn’t be problematic, other than the inherent weaknesses of any remote Sync location / network.

Oh wow, that’s actually pretty wild. Well done.

Not that I advocate this in general use, it is feasible… so here is a fun little shot for y’all…

There are actually more active locations not shown. But again, this is for Support and testing. In general use, “normal” people :mrgreen: wouldn’t be doing things to this extent. Cheers!

I had a hard time even looking at other software once I was saw this feature.

I use the Bonjour (for local) and a webdav sync on digital ocean (over the internet) for every database.

This combination works well when I travel and don’t have access to the internet for long periods of time. iPad to MacBookPro connected wirelessly or via cable for Bonjour syncing works very well.

– Stephen

@Stephen: :smiley: Good stuff, yeah? :smiley:

Actually, I finally made the Bonjour/DropBox speed question disappear after I took the plunge, read a couple of tutorials and set up a WebDAV server on an old iMac Core 2 I had lying around doing nothing, on which I installed Ubuntu Server.

This is probably too geeky for most people, but I’m not much of an expert. It’s not that difficult, really, if you’re just a little bit familiar with what a Terminal command is.

Took me half a day to set up, but it’s a zillion times faster on the go than the free account I had signed up for or the Evernote Premium service I was using for 6 years (FTTH connection at home does help, though). It’s also free and completely under your control. I have just one encrypted sync store with all my stuff on it, and I think that for the first time I’ll be tempted to put confidential stuff in my synced database (bank statements etc).

The encryption, speed and integration in MacOS is excellent (Inbox in Save dialogs is brilliant). I don’t regret the DTPO price tag and canceled my Evernote subscription. Couple of quirks to get used to, but it’s way, way better.

(Off-topic: this forum looks pretty terrible when viewed over https…)

I, too, am interested in both a bonjour and a Dropbox sync. My goal would be to have access to indexed files via bonjour. I have not included the actual indexed files in the Dropbox sync, and really cannot because they include huge volumes of huge video files.

The Dropbox sync works perfectly, except, of course, I can’t access the indexed files.

Should I be concerned about weakening the stability of the Dropbox by adding a bonjour?

If you are referring to use with DTTG2, you cannot use indexed files in it. It will not point to another filesystem or cloud service to see the files.

Also, if you don’t include the content of indexed files in a Sync location, they will never be available to download if you’re using Download Files: On demand in DTTG2.

Thx for the rapid answer. Very helpful, the answer, because it was ToGo that I would have wasted time trying to dual sync (Dropbox and bonjour) to access indexed files that are not in the Dropbox sync store.

Great idea. Wish my component graveyard had something that worked well enough to do this^^ (and youre right the http view looks awful)

I started off with my databases synced via Zeroconf on my local network, for speed getting up and running and everything imported; and then I switched to sync via WebDAV for day to day usage. Didn’t experience any problems at all.

I, too, am now completely migrated from Evernote.

@meta: Glad to hear your migration worked well for you. Cheers!