sync search bars


I’m currently using safari and dt together for a project I am working on. I am using the search bar in both program. However, both dt’s search bar at the top and the find/replace seem to be syncronised with safari’s, so when I put a search term into one it overrides the other. This is really annoying. Is there anyway around this?


I think you mean that if press “command-F” to find something on a page in Safari, type something there, then go to DEVONthink and press “command-F”, then what you typed in Safari will appear in DEVONthink. If you go back to Safari, type something new into the “find” box and then go back to DEVONthink, then that “find” box is overwritten with the new term from Safari.

You’re right.

I think what happens is that the default OS X find control is populated from the clipboard, and when the control is activated, whatever is on the clipboard is pasted into the control.

That might be the desired behavior for some users. But, you could always write to DEVONtech ( and suggest a change.