Sync Sheet from DTPro to iPad DTTG, columns re-ordered

I have a Sheet in DEVONthink on my MacBook Pro, I sync it to my iPad or iPhone, and it comes out all wrong.
It is a simple Sheet with three columns, Year, Cup Final, and Stadium, and of course on the original Sheet on the MB Pro it goes 1962/63, 1963/64, etc, etc.
However, when it syncs to iPad and iPhone, DTTG decides to order it by Stadium and alphabetically, which means it is virtually unuseable.
Am I missing something simple here, or is it a glitch with DTTG?
Many thanks for your advice.

I tried to reproduce it, with a sheet whose characteristics are what @vicshere described (of course I have no idea what the actual data are). I made a sheet that was correct alphabetically when sorted by year and whose stadium values were the inverse alphabetically (i.e., z to a). Synced to DTTG. Displays in DTTG in exactly the same sort order as in DEVONthink desktop. Nothing was wrong.

But, since I’m just inventing data perhaps you should send your sheet to Support so they can try the test with the exact data that fails on your side? (

Yes, please. Send the file to us and we’ll see if it’s reproducible here. Thanks.

Hi guys, I have emailed copies of the original and how it looks on the iPad after sync. Cheers!

Just an update in case anyone else experienced this odd glitch.
I synced again the next day, and what do you know? It is now appearing the correct way.
I did open the Sheet with Excel, and click reorder for the first column, which had come out wrong, and then just saved and closed back into DTPO as a Sheet, so I assume that was what fixed it.
Or, of course, I did something wrong originally.
Anyhow, all working and syncing here, and works like a dream.
Sorry if I sound smug.
I’m about to have a holiday abroad for two weeks, and I desperately needed to catch up on reading and maybe a bit of editing in DT: I am now confident that it will be stress-free with DTTG on the iPad.