Sync stalling

I have been trying with no luck to synchronize databases. On my main database, I get an error saying I need to run “verify and repair,” which I do. Then I get another error message (below). A very small portion of the database comes over (12 docs max) onto my other machine, but nothing else.


Verification failed. Please repair the database using the menu command Tools > Verify & Repair.
8:53:35 AM: Sync: Failed to fetch information for database (Error Domain=com.devontechnologies.DEVONthink.Sync.DTFileSystemStore Code=4 “Could not fetch the databases” UserInfo=0x120b0baa0 {DTUnderlyingErrorsKey={(
Error Domain=HTTP Code=404 "Database 593D29BC-007C-44AF-BFD4-5E5027AE7A04: " UserInfo=0x1180814f0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Database 593D29BC-007C-44AF-BFD4-5E5027AE7A04: , NSUnderlyingError=0x1180a0010 "Database Metadata: "},
Error Domain=HTTP Code=404 "Database 851871CA-00E2-43DC-B578-758D2576F005: " UserInfo=0x1086852d0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Database 851871CA-00E2-43DC-B578-758D2576F005: , NSUnderlyingError=0x10c4e54c0 "Database Metadata: "}
)}, NSLocalizedDescription=Could not fetch the databases})

Calling Bill Deville…help?!

I take it this is a Dropbox Sync? If so, this is a Dropbox issue. The 404 says it’s a dead link.