Sync stalls while reading PDFs

After reading a PDF for a while my iPad stalls the sync to my WebDAV location. The sync store in the preferences shows the spinning icon but no databases. The sync icon has a solid circle (no triangle). The sidebar also states “indexing one object for spotlight” at the bottom which does not disappear anymore. Changes to the meta data or the reading position of the PDF aren’t saved.

After I kill/restart DTTG the sync works until I start reading a PDF again. The sync log doesn’t state any errors (its entries end with the last successful sync).

I also run DTTG on my iPhone 6S and don’t experience this problem there. Also my Mac syncs perfectly with my WebDAV space. So it’s a problem with my iPad only. It might be related to bigger PDFs with lots of photos (>20MByte).

I tried all “Utility URL Commands” with the exception of the nuclear option “rsync”.

Anything else I can try or shall I open a support ticket?

Pad mini 4 running iOS Version 14.6 (Build 18F72)
RAM: 72,5 MB used, disk: 9,6 GB free of 128 GB
Database: 12632 records in 10 databases

Yes, please open a support ticket.

Jim, this seems the same issue I reported some days ago related to interlocking.

Possibly. I have the ticket now.

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