Sync Status on Desktop Needs Improvement

The pop-up that appears on DEVONthink on the desktop during a sync with DTTG isn’t helpful in these ways:

  1. The message truncates the names of documents that are being synchronized, making it difficult to monitor progress. This is plenty of real estate on the screen to make a longer, untruncated message.
  2. There should be an option (probably on a per-sync event basis) to record the sync activity to a temporary log so we can go back later and see what happened and whether it was successful.
  3. The message says “sending” when it’s really deleting – e.g., “Sending: De…blah blah blah blah bl…” is displayed when something is being deleted from DTTG – the clue is the “De…” part of the message. IMO sending and deleting are two different things, from a UI perspective.

Improvements in the status message correcting these issues would be helpful … :wink:

Noted. I don’t remember enough of the implementation right now to know for sure how easily these can be changed, but we can check and weigh that against the schedule of the new sync.

Even though we’re soon replacing the sync code, I have added this suggestion to the next release of DEVONthink.