Sync Status Window Shuffling me between spaces/desktops

Inspired by a diversion in another post:

I wanted to pick up on this in its own post because this has been driving me right up the wall! This pertains to the little log/popup window that appears when a sync is taking place. The number of times I’ve been jerked (I mean that literally) between spaces because that sync status window happens to be stuck on a different space/desktop drives me absolutely bonkers. The only solution I’ve been able to come up so far is to either relaunch DEVONthink, or acquiesce to the wishes of the sync window and move everything to the space it keeps pulling me to.

Not a big problem, but when it happens, it is immensely disruptive. If that sync window can better follow other windows, or be a bit less pushy (can it not just pop up on a different space silently rather than dragging me over to itself?) that would be ideal! Might be a limitation in what the Cocoa API allows though…

There is a hidden preference for this:

Check out the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences

Well how about that! That should solve the problem. I’ll remember to check this appendix next time I’ve got a little quirk that needs sorting out!


No problem. DEVONthink is a deep app with lots of little nuggets to find! :smiley: