Sync stop?

I would like some pointers form the user community. I sync on a daily basis two databases between my Mac and iPad. One is large and one is small. The small one I also sync with my iPhone.

For the last few days, the small one would simply not sync correctly with my Mac i.e. files that I add seems to be added ok but files that I removed just stay there? Note that everything is ok on the iPhone side and everything seems to be fine with the large database sync between my Mac and iPad.

Today, the content of that database seems to have simply vanish i.e. when I select that database on the iPad, the list is empty instead of showing the 4 groups that should be there. I had to shutdown and reboot my iPad. I also notice that DTTG crashes now much more often then before; sometimes I have to start DTTG 6 to 7 times in a row before it actually stays open and I can work with it.

Any pointers on how to resolved this? I would hate to have to remove all the data again and start form scratch (this large database contains over 9000 files).

It’s hard to determine from here but I presume that the database is very large for the device and DEVONthink To Go simply crashed because the device is running out of RAM.

The next version of DEVONthink To Go will come with a proper crash reporter that will send crash reports our way when DEVONthink To Go crashes. Hopefully this will give us more insight into what is happening.

In addition we are working on replacing the existing and buggy sync methods with a much more reliable one.