Sync Storage via Synology QickConnect

Your Synology WedDAV can be accessed on your local network and on the internet with the correct DDNS and port settings on your router using the same https:// address. If you don’t know what that means, then don’t experiment. Configuration is not simple.

Just mentioning that the configuration you are looking for is possible. This is not the forum to assist with that set up (which has nothing to do with DEVONthink other than the https:// address for a WebDAV – which is the end product of configuring web access on your NAS). Check with Synology and/or their forum.

thanks Korn

For sure I am not asking for the configuration of the access to my Synology NAS for the external which is working well as per today.
Just wondering if I can have at the same time in DTTG2 2 different Webdav address pointing on the same sync store.
I’ve tried already to have 1 address https but at the moment not succeeded so I’ll ask if this temp workaround will work till I found how to have only 1 https address for both internal and external :slight_smile:

That’s what I said. You can use the same “external” https:// address (if configured correctly) both from the external internet and while you are inside your local network and your router will resolve it to the local address. You don’t need both. But this is not the forum for the best advice on Synology configuration.

Hello. I know that, as Korm said, this is not a Synology support forum.

However, as users do help one another here, I wonder whether anyone who uses DTTG and Synology together could help.

I like the OP would like to setup my DT databases on my Mac and iOS devices to sync via to be able to sync, regardless whether the devices are on the same local network as the Synology machine, or are accessing it externally.

Could anyone who has done this please describe how they did this, or point to the relevant resources on Synology’s forums or elsewhere? I haven’t been able to find this. Thank you in advance.

It’s not clear what you want to do.

Do you want to put .dtBase2 databases on your Synology and somehow access them via DEVONthink to Go? Won’t work. Jim covered that, above.

Do you want to have files on your Synology that you index in your DEVONthink databases on your Mac, and have DEVONthink to Go access those? DEVONthink to Go is not going to connect to your Synology over any network – local, private cloud, or internet. Won’t work.

You can use Synology’s DS File, DS Cloud, and Drive (the successor to DS File) apps on your iOS device if you make them providers in iOS’s Files app. BUT you cannot access them in DEVONthink to Go as part of a database except by using the normal Open In DEVONthink command from Files or from one of those apps.

Are any of these cases yours? Or something else?

Thank you for the response, Korm.

What I had understood from the OP, and what is my intended use, is to sync the files between my MacBook and my iOS devices via the WebDAV server on the Synology NAS.

In DTPO, that would mean setting up a WebDAV server, and populating it with the relevant info from my Synology.

Now, I am presently able to sync when I set up a WebDAV server using my Synology information for local network syncing. And I am able to do it when setting up a separate one for external access (using Synology’s own DDNS provider). However, the former doesn’t work when I’m not on my local network (obviously), and the latter doesn’t work when I’m on my local network (obviously).

What I want to know is how to set things up such that – wherever I am – my DT databases are syncing via my Synology NAS, using the same http address.

Again, I know this is not the place for NAS support, but if someone has successfully done so here, ti would be of great help. I would rather keep my files on my own NAS, then upload them to someone else’s cloud (like iCloud), however much easier that might be.

Thank you for your help.

Why? Why not just have two sync locations - one for each? Also, the remote address would work when you’re on your local network as it’s no different than using a Dropbox, etc. account.

I wish it would work like that, Jim, but it doesn’t. When connecting via the external when on a local network, or vice versa, gives a “time out” (Error: Error while setting up location ‘dtsync.dtCloud’: The request timed out. (NSURLErrorDomain -1001)). Which slows everything down, as it just spins for a long while trying to connect for the databases.

Strange. It seems theoretically feasible. Hmm…

You likely have a QuickConnect misconfiguration, it seems, or something is not correctly configured on your router, or firewall, or DHCP, or the Synology WebDAV client (which is very cranky), or a combination of these. In either case, you’ll get quick and accurate help from opening a ticket with Synology.

There is a lot going on here for what might seem a basic way to host your own sync store location.

One potential big issue is that your router does not support nat hairpinning as shown in the picture below or your ISP is blocking the ports.

How this would work the manual way:

  1. get a domain and use a name server that supports dynamic dns. (google domains support this)
  2. set up dynamic dns so the domain points to your home ip external public Internet address.
  3. Set up port forwarding to your NAS. (this includes the firewall but most routers these days will auto add the proper rules when enabling port forwarding)
  4. set up webdav on the NAS.
  5. check and confirm that nat hairpinning is working or you may need to replace your router with something better.
  6. set up TLS (aka ssl) on the NAS so you do not send your WebDAV password in clear text. (I would use lets encrypt)
  7. change the NAS password. (you sent the other one over clear text during testing)
  8. configure DEVONthink to use the domain and port that you are using to connect to your WebDAV.

Optional: Use a reverse proxy server so you can host multiple services on the same port.

Synology QickConnect should basically take care of all of this by bypassing it with their servers but it will not work 100% of the time. for QickConnect to work, you need to have UPNP enabled or it might not work.
Aka your NAS opens a connection their servers and keeps it open, then they redirect requests to your NAS.

All of this is a bit complex… I would use iCloud sync for the phone and the Mac at home, then have the Mac at home have a second sync store on the NAS. The phone will sync to iCloud which will sync to the Mac and the Mac will sync to the phone via iCloud and to the NAS via the WebDAV store.

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This thread is a little old, but I figured I would give my two cents.

I use my Synology NAS and QuickConnect to sync my DTPro databases between several computers and my iPhone via WEBDAV. WEBDAV is really stable on my NAS, so it seemed like a natural way to go.

One thing to consider. I have about 10 different databases with several of them being very large. In DTtoGo, unless you buy the Premium upgrade, you actually download your databases to your phone. That ate up about 20GB of my phone for the three I really wanted to sync. Once I purchased the Premium upgrade, I deleted the databases from my phone and then put them back again with the Premium options set to only keep the last 100 documents on my phone. Now everything is working as it seems like it should.

Love DT! I blew through Evernote and their limits a few years ago. DT saved my workflow.


@fotan: Thanks for sharing your experience!

It is pretty lame to try to divert all discussion of DT and DTG Webdav failure to Synology under the premise that DT and DTG actually ever consistently function against WebDav. In cases where all other iOS and OS X clients perform against WebDav and DT and/or DTG are the only clients that fail against Webdav, it is quite legitimate to assume there is an issue with DT and/or DTG Webdav support.

At best, Webdav support on DT products is sporadic, and is almost impossible to troubleshoot on ios/ipadOS.

hello fotan
thank you for your post.
have you got any checklist on how to do this / or how you did the syncing setup?
i’m new on this forum and i would like to just sync the database stored in my synology nas to my ios and macs…
does anyone now if “Devonthink 3 pro Server” (incl. web application) can be used with my synology nas.

All you need to do is enable WebDAV on your Synology and use that as a sync location in DT. Works on desktop as well as iOS just fine.

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Welcome @elesar

does anyone now if “Devonthink 3 pro Server” (incl. web application) can be used with my synology nas.

Note DEVONthink Pro and Server are two separate editions.
Also, the Server compenent in the Server edition has no relationship to your NAS. It has an entirely different purpose unrelated to syncing.

Synology has decent support documents on a WebDAV setup but @fotan is correct about the basics of the setup.

And there’s of course this brilliant description of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


than you @BLUEFROG & @fotan for you fast answers. I will test it and then give hopefulli a short “succeeded” feedback :slight_smile:

Hahaha, @chrillek :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, that forum post too.