Sync Store Meta Data Problem (?)

Hi Everyone,

I just ran into a bug in DTTG (which may have some crossover into DTPO and the sync store). I just imported a folder of text files into DTPO, and the folder and its contents synced to DTTG on my iPhone to a database that does not download automatically. I performed a search for the contents inside the newly synced files and everything is fine (DTTG found the file by its content). But, I then rename the files (added a prefix) using the rename script in DTPO, and after the sync back to DTTG, searching for words and phrases in the files in DTTG no longer turns up results. My other Mac can find the content of the files after the sync without any problem. So it seems that the renaming of the files in DTPO is causing a problem with DTTG subsequently accessing the meta data from the sync store (but I’m just guessing).

OSX 10.11.6
DTPO 2.9.11
DTTG 2.1.2
Dropbox Sync

Can anyone else reproduce this problem?


Does it report some items haven’t been indexed in the searchField at the top?
Does this persist after relaunching DTTG2?

Thanks for the bug report, the next maintenance releases of DEVONthink & DEVONthink To Go will fix this issue.

No, indexing complete; and yes, after relaunching.

No problem. And thanks for looking into this so quickly.